Inspire Collection

A new home holds the promise of new experiences and memories for years to come. Bring your new home to life with the Inspire new construction window.


  • Fusion welded frame and sash corners are secure and weather tight
  • Multi-Chambered I-Beam structural mainframe provides superior strength and rigidity while offering the most adaptability for all installation methods.
  • 3-1/4” Frame depth with beveled exterior
  • 1-1/2” Nail fin with 1” setback from exterior
  • 3/4“ Brickmould j-channel option supports a variety of exterior finish methods
  • 3/4” Insulated glass unit with Intercept spacer is the foundation of thermal performance and comfort
  • Removeable sash allow for convenient cleaning from inside the home. Full interlocking meeting rail
  • Integral sash lift rail for easy operation, are a fundamental part of the sash and will not pull loose or break
  • Triple weatherstripped sash and meeting rail reduce air infiltration
  • Composite locks and horizontal fastened lock keeper
  • Flush mount tilt latches allow for easy cleaning from inside the home. Ergonomic single piece shuttle design will not break, even with thousands of uses
  • Dual function partitioned sloped sill forms a negative pressure pocket that keeps the sash securely in place and water flowing away from your home
  • BetterVue® insect screening with Water Shed Technology™ preserves optical clarity by shedding water and resisting dirt and grime for a sharp, more brilliant outward view