The 4700 Series

The economical window with the design options makes it seem like luxury.


  • Cove molded sash detail replicates the look of classic wood windows.
  • Biomaxx composite locks and keepers are 50% stronger than standard die-cast hardware while remaining lead-free and color-true, without fading, warping or chipping. Choose from classic or modern lock.
  • Dual Function partitioned sloped sill with integrated weep system forms a negative pressure pocket that keeps sashes securely in place and water flowing away from your home, even during the most adverse weather conditions.
  • Shadow grooved sash welds replicate the classic look of mitered wood corners.
  • IdeaSealâ„¢ triple protection weather seal keeps the indoor and outdoor environments separate with an integral interlock, sill compression seal, and multiple rows of weatherstripping.
  • Full balance covers hide internal systems while eliminating unsightly visible sash stops.