Advantages of Sliding Windows

Advantages of Sliding Windows | New Windows for America

A popular window style in residential homes is sliding windows. These windows have many advantages and work well with almost any space. Sliding windows typically have two or more sashes, opening left and right, or horizontally, along grooves in the frame. Some windows have a third sash as a fixed picture window, added between two sliding windows to really open the views, letting additional light in.

Single Slider Windows

Single slider windows are a more simplified version of the double slider as you slide the windows horizontally to open and close. These windows are a cost-effective solution, highly secure, and easy to clean and maintain, making these windows a practical option for many homeowners.

Double Slider Windows

These windows are common in most homes as they are easy to use and open both sides of the window allowing increased airflow into the home. Double slider windows are also low maintenance, simple to use, and easy to clean.

Benefits of Sliding Windows

Sliding windows can benefit your home in many ways. Customizing the window options with hardware finishes, insulating options, type of glass, interior and exterior colors, decorative grids, etc., are just some of the many options you can choose from.

Expansive Views

Choosing sliding windows is ideal for spaces that have a width greater than the height, optimizing natural light and outdoor views. This also reduces the need for artificial light and could cut down on utility costs.

Energy Efficient

    As there aren’t many moving parts in sliding windows, it allows them to close easily and securely. Having securely closed windows will prevent heat or cold air escape, and can reduce energy usage at home saving you money over time from your energy bills. Sliding windows also inhibit water, air filtration, and noise from the outside.


    Most slider windows open fully to let in the fresh air while providing plenty of ventilation as the windows can both be open at the same time.

    Easy to Operate

    Both sashes effortlessly open horizontally as they slide back and forth, making opening the windows easier to operate. This is extremely helpful for seniors or people with limited mobility living within the house. Slider windows are a great option for difficult-to-reach places such as over the kitchen sink, as they are easy to use.

    Cleaning windows

    Window panels can lift out of the grooves, making them extremely easy to clean on both sides.

    Low Maintenance

    As sliding windows typically have fewer parts than conventional windows, which makes them low maintenance, more durable, and cost-effective for homeowners.

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