How to add Curb Appeal to Your Home this Spring

How to add Curb Appeal to Your Home this Spring | Denver Replacement Windows

As in true Colorado fashion, we are still getting snow this spring. Even though snow is great for moisture, we may all be getting a little tired of the cold having been spoiled by the warm Colorado sun. But don’t let the weather deter you from starting to think about giving your home a refresh! The temperatures are starting to (kind of) warm up, and the days are getting longer! Spring is on its way, and it is time to clean up and clear out any traces of the brutal and long Colorado winter we have had this year. Refresh your home’s exterior look, and help boost its curb appeal, so you and your neighbors can fall in love with your home again!

New Windows for America has been serving the Denver metro area, and all up and down the front range for over 25 years with professional window replacement installation, including doors and siding as well. We are a local, and family-owned business with over 125 5-star Google reviews.

Consider Replacing your Old Windows, Exterior Doors, or Siding

Custom energy-efficient windows, new exterior doors, and updated siding can greatly enhance the curb appeal of your home. Installing ENERGY-STAR® qualified windows and doors can also help to lower your energy bills and save you money. New Windows for America offers custom windows to fit every style and budget of your home.

Refresh Your Landscaping

  • Inspect your trees and shrubs and be on the lookout for cracks, broken limbs, or seasonal effects. Your trees and shrubs could benefit from some pruning to encourage new growth.
    Consult a tree or shrub expert for additional help as they also can help with insect activity.
  • Add fresh mulch to help protect your trees and shrubs as it acts as a protective barrier and prevents weeds from emerging.
  • Add plants and flowers to give a welcome and warm entrance. Consult your local nursery for advice on different plants and flowers and of course the best time to plant.

Add Outdoor Lighting

Adding outside lighting features can help highlight your home, increase your time spent outside, improve safety and security, and increase your property value. Consider replacing exterior light fixtures, adding pathway lights, or garden lights, or even some home security lights.

Clean up your Home’s Exterior

Give your home a fresh and clean look, by power washing the exterior of your home, cleaning your windows, sweeping off your front porch, and clearing out your gutters and downspouts. For more tips on spring home maintenance tips, click here.

Add Decorative Elements

Update and refresh the outdoor pillows on your patio, add a decorative rug, green plants (weather permitting) a wreath to your front door, or even a new door mat that will make your home look fresh, cheery, and welcoming.

The team at New Windows for America is your trusted window replacement source to help you get your home ready this spring! We have the experience and knowledge, and we are the local company you want to use for your interior and exterior updates We can help you with choosing the most beautiful, energy-efficient windows and doors. We offer FACTORY-DIRECT PRICING on our windows and doors. We have a 5-star professional and knowledgeable team to help you choose the best windows and doors for your home, style, and budget.

New Windows for America on Great Day Colorado!

Featuring Unbeatable Replacement Windows & Window Installation Services

If you’re looking to make a small, but impactful change to your home this spring, you should consider New Windows for America. We offer all styles of replacement windows in vinyl, wood, composite, and fiberglass. Great Day Colorado interviews our very own Marketing Manager, Sara Frisk, to learn more about what we have to offer community members.

Easy Steps for Spring Home & Window Maintenance

Easy Steps for Spring Home & Window Maintenance | Denver Replacement Windows

Now that spring is finally upon us, it’s a great time to replace your windows and catch up on some home maintenance items. The days are starting to get longer, and the weather is starting to warm up! It is a perfect time to get outdoors and start tackling some of those home projects that we couldn’t get to over the cold winter. After months of wind, flying dirt, and cold weather, the winter has most likely left its mark on your home.

Spring Home Improvement Checklist

Here are some tasks to consider adding to your spring home improvement checklist:

  1. Clean gutters and downspouts: Clear out any debris that may have accumulated over the winter to prevent water damage.
  2. Inspect the roof: Check for any damage or wear and tear from the winter weather, such as missing or damaged shingles.
  3. Check windows and doors for drafts: Inspect windows and doors for gaps or leaks and replace weatherstripping or caulking where necessary.
  4. Check the HVAC system: Schedule an annual maintenance check-up for your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system to ensure it’s running efficiently and safely.
  5. Clean or replace air filters: Change the air filters in your HVAC system to improve indoor air quality and keep your system running smoothly.
  6. Service your lawn mower: Sharpen the blades, change the oil and spark plugs, and check the air filter to make sure your lawn mower is ready for the upcoming season.
  7. Clean outdoor spaces: Sweep patios and decks, power wash outdoor furniture, and remove any dead plants or debris from the yard.
  8. Check the sprinkler system: Test the sprinkler system to make sure it’s working properly and adjust the sprinkler heads if necessary.
  9. Inspect the foundation: Check for cracks or other damage to the foundation of your home, and have any issues addressed by a professional.
  10. Add some color: Plant some spring flowers or add a fresh coat of paint to give your home a new look and feel.

Spring Window Maintenance

Spring is also a great time to ensure that your windows are functioning properly and looking their best.

Here are some great tips for your spring window maintenance:

  1. Clean the windows: Start by giving your windows a thorough cleaning. Use a window cleaning solution and a squeegee to remove dirt, grime, and streaks from the glass. You can also use a microfiber cloth or newspaper to dry the windows and prevent streaking.
  2. Check for damage: Inspect the windows for any signs of damage, such as cracks or gaps in the frames or glass. If your windows look like they need to be repaired or replaced, please contact us for an estimate!
  3. Lubricate moving parts: Check the window tracks and hinges for any signs of wear or rust. Apply a silicone-based lubricant to these parts to prevent them from sticking and ensure smooth operation.
  4. Seal any gaps: Check around the window frames for any gaps or cracks where air or water could leak in. Use caulk to seal any gaps and prevent drafts and water leaks.
  5. Install or Replace Screens: Install or replace your old window screens to keep out bugs and debris while still allowing fresh air to flow through your home.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your windows are functioning properly and looking their best for the spring season. For more information on the best way to clean your windows, click here!

There are some instances where basic window maintenance may not be enough to solve your window problems. A window replacement might be your only option, however, it’s important to know if you really do need to install new windows. Click here for some easy signs if it may be time to replace your windows, or call the team at New Windows for America for a FREE In-Home Estimate.

Spring is the perfect time of year to get your windows replaced. Give your home that spring-like feeling and call us today!

Top Advantages of Installing a Patio Door in Denver

Top Advantages of Installing a Patio Door in Denver | New Windows for America

Sliding patio doors have gained in popularity over the past several years. And why not? Their natural light and views from the outside bring natural beauty and views from your outside, within the comfort of the inside of your home. Having a patio door also works well on those days when you want to enjoy a welcome breeze during the warmer days.

The team at New Windows for America can work with you to find the right patio door for your home and your budget. We have many patio door options for you to choose from, including styles, colors, and hardware. The patio door manufacturers that we work with offer doors that are made with superior construction and durability, which are perfect for a lively home and a lovely view.

Here are a couple of advantages of having a patio door:

Natural Light & Space Efficiency

Installing a patio door can take the place of old windows, or even a solid wall, allowing natural light to flood into your home creating an inviting and airy environment. The floor-to-ceiling view brings in the sunlight, views and fresh air are at your disposal 365 days a year! Sliding doors can save space in your home and make it seem larger than it really is. Using a patio door is so easy as it simply slides effortlessly open to access the outdoors without taking up valuable space.

Ventilation & Fresh Air into Your Home

On those warmer days, having the patio door fully open, halfway open, or even slightly open allows for fresh air and circulation. This could be especially beneficial on those warmer Colorado spring days when the fresh breeze can air out your stuffy home. The space of a patio door is big enough to allow for large surges of air to come into the home, cooling the home which could reduce your need for air conditioning on some days. Improving the air quality, smell and feel of fresh air in the house can make a world of difference in your home.

Easy of Access & Traffic Flow

As the sliding doors are easily opened to the side, you can easily access your backyard or patio. Because they don’t swing open, they won’t interfere with furniture or the entryway. This is especially convenient for get-togethers with family and friends, as it allows for greater foot traffic to and from the house.

Patio Doors offer Safety & Security

Most patio doors have optimum security, with some of our patio door options having keyed locksets that offer greater security and peace of mind when away. Dual point stainless steel mortise lock ensures ultimate security by engaging in multiple areas. Some of our patio doors offer a two-position toe lock which permits the door to be locked in an open airflow position or adds extra secure locking.

Patio Doors Easy to Maintain

Patio doors have an effortless operation as they glide on a monorail system for graceful operation making opening the patio door a smooth and quiet process. They are relatively low in maintenance and easy to clean. Sliding doors are a great and affordable way to add functionality to your home.

Sliding Doors offer Increased Energy Efficiency

Many of our patio door options are available in dual or triple-paned configurations with tempered glass for ultimate energy performance while maximizing safety. Some of our patio doors have multiple rows of weatherstripping combined with fully interlocking panels to keep your home secure and free from drafts or leaks. Be sure to ask about our Energy Star-rated Patio Doors!

Blinds Between the Glass

Some patio door options also have blinds between the glass. With this option, you can take control of privacy, security, and daylight. Fingertip adjustment effortlessly operates tilt, raise, and lower operations. Sturdy aluminum blinds are sealed between two panes of Low-E tempered glass. These blinds are covered by a 10-year warranty against material and operational defects.

Increased Home Value

Whether you need replacement windows or a sliding patio door, these upgrades will help add more value to your home, as they can become a primary selling point.

Other Options

Depending on the style of a patio door, there are other options you can consider such as a patio screen door. Having a patio screen door installed can help make your home safer, as well as protect your home from insects. Another add-on option is installing a pet insert on your patio door. Your pet will absolutely appreciate the easy access, and as a pet owner, you will also appreciate that you don’t have to open and close the door every time your pet needs come and go. The pet inserts come in different sizes, allowing you to find the best option for your pet.

Trust New Windows for America with your Patio Door Needs

The above advantages are all great reasons to have a sliding patio door installed today. Considering that they are energy-efficient, secure, and stylish, upgrading your sliding patio door should be on your list of things to do this spring! We can assist you with any questions you might have about sliding doors. Are you interested in learning more about sliding windows and if they might be right for your home? We offer many sliding window styles and options for you to choose from, with color choices, configurations, and hardware options.

Our team at New Windows for America has the experience and knowledge to help you choose the most beautiful, energy-efficient sliding patio doors for your home. Make sure to ask about our FACTORY-DIRECT PRICING on our windows and doors and be ready for us to provide you with a FREE In-Home Estimate today!

Advantages of Sliding Windows

Advantages of Sliding Windows | New Windows for America

A popular window style in residential homes is sliding windows. These windows have many advantages and work well with almost any space. Sliding windows typically have two or more sashes, opening left and right, or horizontally, along grooves in the frame. Some windows have a third sash as a fixed picture window, added between two sliding windows to really open the views, letting additional light in.

Single Slider Windows

Single slider windows are a more simplified version of the double slider as you slide the windows horizontally to open and close. These windows are a cost-effective solution, highly secure, and easy to clean and maintain, making these windows a practical option for many homeowners.

Double Slider Windows

These windows are common in most homes as they are easy to use and open both sides of the window allowing increased airflow into the home. Double slider windows are also low maintenance, simple to use, and easy to clean.

Benefits of Sliding Windows

Sliding windows can benefit your home in many ways. Customizing the window options with hardware finishes, insulating options, type of glass, interior and exterior colors, decorative grids, etc., are just some of the many options you can choose from.

Expansive Views

Choosing sliding windows is ideal for spaces that have a width greater than the height, optimizing natural light and outdoor views. This also reduces the need for artificial light and could cut down on utility costs.

Energy Efficient

    As there aren’t many moving parts in sliding windows, it allows them to close easily and securely. Having securely closed windows will prevent heat or cold air escape, and can reduce energy usage at home saving you money over time from your energy bills. Sliding windows also inhibit water, air filtration, and noise from the outside.


    Most slider windows open fully to let in the fresh air while providing plenty of ventilation as the windows can both be open at the same time.

    Easy to Operate

    Both sashes effortlessly open horizontally as they slide back and forth, making opening the windows easier to operate. This is extremely helpful for seniors or people with limited mobility living within the house. Slider windows are a great option for difficult-to-reach places such as over the kitchen sink, as they are easy to use.

    Cleaning windows

    Window panels can lift out of the grooves, making them extremely easy to clean on both sides.

    Low Maintenance

    As sliding windows typically have fewer parts than conventional windows, which makes them low maintenance, more durable, and cost-effective for homeowners.

    Trust New Windows for America with your Replacement Window Needs

    Are you interested in learning more about sliding windows and if they might be right for your home? We offer many sliding window styles and options for you to choose from, with color choices, configurations, and glass options. Our team at New Windows for America has the experience and knowledge to help you choose the most beautiful, energy-efficient windows and doors for your home.

    We offer FACTORY-DIRECT PRICING on our windows and doors and are ready to provide you with a FREE In-Home Estimate today!

    Tips on The Best Way to Clean Your Windows

    Tips on The Best Way to Clean Your Windows | Denver Replacement Windows

    Even though we may get a couple of upcoming snowstorms, spring will be here before you know it! Actually, in Colorado our snowiest months are typically in March and April, however here at New Windows for America, we are thinking positively and hoping for warmer weather soon!

    Spring cleaning actually has a number of health benefits, while at the same time giving your home a deep clean. After the long, cold winter we have had, you too may be inspired to give your house a renewed sense of cleanliness and vibrancy. A clean home can strengthen your immune system, avoid illness, and reduce stress and depression with a decluttered house.

    Spring cleaning can start with sparkling clean windows. Although cleaning your windows may look easy, a refresher course on some simple steps on how to clean your windows may be beneficial to you as you contemplate adding this to your spring-cleaning list.

    Having clean windows will not only improve your spirits but also allows more light into your home, making you feel more connected to the outdoors and enjoying the longer days that are fast approaching.

    Simple Window Cleaning Solution

    Yes, there are a lot of commercial window-cleaning products available for that ‘streak-free shine’, however using a simple solution of one-part white vinegar to two parts warm water – is just as effective and works great! Just mix it up in a spray bottle and it’s ready to use! Make sure you double-check the recommended cleaning solution to use with your windows manufacturer.

    Cleaning Windows from the Inside

    Pro-tip: It’s best to clean your windows on a cool, cloudy day so that the window cleaning solutions don’t dry on your windows. It might be easier to see those streaks on a sunny day, but the sun drying the windows too quickly is also the cause of those streaks.

    1. First, you need to clean off the dirt, dust, and debris. You can brush, sweep, or vacuum the window sash, frames, and sill to ensure a clean area. Fill a bucket with clean, cold water with a couple of drops of liquid dish soap.
    2. Place a large towel by the window for any spills or drops.
    3. Use a clean microfiber cloth starting at the top, and working your way to the bottom. Make sure to wipe down the frame.
    4. Spray the window with either your homemade solution or storebought window cleaner, and dry in a Z-shaped motion using a clean, lint-free towel (some people like to use newspaper or paper towels).
    5. If you aren’t happy with any streaks or stubborn dirt, then spray, and dry again.

    Cleaning Windows from the Outside

    1. Typically, the outside of your windows has more dirt and stains so it may take a little more effort to clean. Depending on the window, you may need to first rinse the windows off with a hose.
    2. Fill a bucket with clean, cold water with a couple of drops of liquid dish soap.
    3. Use a clean microfiber cloth starting at the top, and working your way to the bottom. Make sure to wipe down the frame.
    4. Spray the window with either your homemade solution or store-bought window cleaner.
    5. Using a clean, rubber-bladed squeegee, wipe the window dry by angling the squeegee towards the bottom of the window, working from top to bottom. Make sure to wipe the squeegee off with a clean, dry towel after each pass.
    6. Finally, don’t forget about the window screens, and tracks. Screens are easily cleaned with just a rinse with plain water, spray with your solution, and rinse again. Let the screens dry thoroughly before placing them back on your clean windows.

    How often should you clean your windows?

    It is important to clean your windows, frames, and tracks at least once or twice a year. Depending on where you live, you may need to do this a little more often. Avoiding dirty windows can also help prevent window damage, protect your indoor air quality, and make sure your home’s energy efficiency is maintained and consistent. Having clean windows will make your house look great, is important for good window care and maintenance, and make you feel accomplished. If you aren’t confident in your window cleaning skills, hire a professional window cleaner in your area. We recommend that you hire someone who is insured and bonded, and of course, make sure you read the reviews before you hire them.

    New Windows for America offers many window styles and options that are easy to maintain and clean. Offering even windows that offer integrated tilt features that are specifically engineered for easy cleaning. Our team at New Windows for America has the experience, and knowledge to help you choose the most beautiful, energy-efficient windows and doors for your home.

    We offer FACTORY-DIRECT PRICING on our windows and doors and are ready to provide you with a FREE In-Home Estimate today!

    How to use Viva Magenta – the 2023 Pantone Color of the Year

    2023 Pantone Color of the Year | Viva Magenta | New Windows for America

    Every year Pantone releases the color of the year – and this year it is bright, bold, and full of life! The Pantone Color of the Year for 2023 is Viva Magenta! We have some clever ways that you can incorporate this vibrant color into your home!

    First, let’s talk about Viva Magenta 18-1750!

    Viva Magenta 18-1750 descends from the red family, signaling strength, fearlessness, and a joyous celebration! This color exudes empowerment, encouraging experimentation and making a statement. The color was selected by humans in the fashion and design industry, then interpreted by an AI tool called Midjourney to create, as Pantone describes it an “endless new ecosystem to be explored, called ‘the Magentaverse.’” This color is aptly defined by Pantone as “an unconventional shade for an unconventional time.”

    Here are 5 ways you can use Viva Magenta in your home

    Paint an Accent Wall

    Is there a wall in your home that needs a little attention? Bring some life to the space by painting Viva Magenta on a small wall, powder room, or hallway. Pair the new bold paint with neutral accessories, and black framed wall hangings to bring some interest to the space!

    Add Some Pizazz to your Kitchen

    The new color hails from the red family which has been shown that this color makes you hungry and impulsive. Consider adding a splash of Viva Magenta to your accessories with flowers, bar stools, dish towels, napkins, or dinnerware. These pops of color are an easy and somewhat inexpensive feat. If you are feeling very bold, you could also paint this warm hue as an accent wall, or even your kitchen cabinets!

    Find Viva Magenta in Wall Art

    Add some interest to a space by finding some wall art that has hints of Viva Magenta, and make this a focal point to your entry, powder room, or living spaces.

    Add Drama to Your Floor or in an Accent Chair

    Look for Viva Magenta in an oversized rug, or take the plunge and commit to a bright carpet for some underfoot luxury! Adding a luxurious velvet armchair in the new vivacious color can give your bedroom the most glamorous and cozy seat in the house!

    Say Hello to Your Front Door!    

    A red door makes a bold statement, welcoming one and all. Compliment the confidence with bright white trim and black windows and frames for a sophisticated look. Create the perfect outdoor scene by accessorizing your front entry with magenta throw pillows on your patio chairs, adding some beautiful fuchsia flowers and some greenery to complement the bold look.

    As you contemplate all the ways you can incorporate Pantone’s Color of the Year in your home, perhaps your windows, siding, and doors also need a refresh. The team at New Windows for America is ready to help you get a fresh look in your home! We have the experience, knowledge, and the local company you want to use for your interior and exterior updates, and can help you with choosing the most beautiful, energy-efficient windows and doors. We offer FACTORY-DIRECT PRICING on our windows and doors. We have a professional and knowledgeable team to help you choose the best windows and doors for your home, style, and budget.

    Custom Residential Windows versus Big Box Stores

    Custom Residential Windows versus Big Box Stores | Denver Residential Windows | Replacement Windows

    It can be overwhelming and confusing trying to figure out what window replacement company you want to hire for your window replacement needs. All windows are not created equal! There are a lot of choices out there from big-box stores to large nationwide companies and local companies. Who do you choose to replace the windows in your home? It is important to be an informed consumer, especially with a large purchase.

    We are here to help you! We encourage you to educate yourself about the quality of window products, what kind of support you can expect from sales staff and installers, and the warranty of the product. The team at New Windows for America is available to answer any questions you may have about our window replacement products.

    Custom Residential Windows

    Investing in custom windows ensures that you will enjoy exact measurements of your current window and wall opening with an accurate fit.  Custom windows are designed for your exact dimensions and made to fit any size opening without compromising the structure of your home. Having a local, experienced, and knowledgeable sales staff that will take time to go through options or answer any questions you may have is invaluable.  

    Our professional staff will take exact measurements, creating custom windows for the exact openings will ensure that your new window will fit perfectly, and guarantee there will be no problems with drafts or air leakage. Custom windows that are fitted properly will ensure that they perform better, and are more energy efficient, offering optimal thermal performance, and saving you time and money.

    Standard Big-Box Store Windows

    If you choose to purchase your windows from a big-box store, you are limited to standard sizes, designs, and options.  You are stuck with whatever size, style, and features they have in stock. These windows are purchased in bulk by window manufacturers and shipped to the stores, and typically are of lower quality from being mass produced. Quality control is an issue as mass-produced windows are not fabricated individually like custom windows. If these windows are not fitted or installed correctly these windows could lead to leaking, premature wear, and tear, and could end with long-term issues for your home.  Homeowners may see a short-term benefit with paying a reduced cost and keeping overhead low, but in the long run, you are risking energy efficiency, possible water damage for poor installation, and overall headache from trying to do it yourself.

    More Options with Custom Windows

    Choosing from a wide range of products from New Windows for America affords you a wide variety of options such as material, colors, styles, finishes, and hardware options much more than you have with standard windows. This gives you complete control over the appearance, quality, style, and design you want for your home.

    Increased Value to your Home

    Custom windows not only enhance the curb appeal of your home, but also increase the value of your home as they are longer-lasting, more durable, and have better manufacturer warranties.

    The team at New Windows for America is ready to help you get a fresh look for your home in 2023! We have the experience, knowledge, and the local company you want to use for your interior and exterior updates, and can help you with choosing the most beautiful, energy-efficient windows and doors. We offer FACTORY-DIRECT PRICING on our windows and doors. We have a professional and knowledgeable team to help you choose the best windows and doors for your home, style, and budget.

    Contact us today for a FREE In-Home Estimate!

    The Biggest Home Remodeling Trends of 2023

    Biggest Home Remodeling Trends of 2023 | Denver Replacement Windows

    As we move into the new year with hopes for good health, joy, and happiness, it also gives us a sense of renewal for our home bringing us thoughts of updates and renovations. The new year brings renewed enthusiasm for creating a home with optimistic vibes that are full of colors, patterns, and textures. One of the many benefits of owning your own home is that you can make the change you want to make it feel like your own. This year might be the year that you renovate your main bathroom, or perhaps a new paint color, or if you are feeling very ambitious, perhaps a kitchen renovation. It has become quite important for homeowners to look for affordable as well as green and sustainable options when choosing their home renovation projects.

    According to the experts, here are some of the top home remodeling trends for 2023:

    Updating Kitchens with your Personal Design Style

    Updating your kitchen delivers high returns on your investment while at the same time improving the look and function of the space. Some kitchen trends include more calming tones and warm neutrals. Being that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and where people gather, it is important to make this important room feel calm and create a sense of relaxation. Using biophilic materials such as tactile woods and dynamic composites, using neutrals, matte finishes, and earth tones will complement natural raw materials. Kitchen islands are still trending along with beverage centers and wine fridges.

    Calm and Colorful Bathrooms

    After a long day, you deserve to have a bathroom where you can unwind, have an escape to relaxation, and have your own personal serene, spa-like sanctuary. Incorporating natural stones and woods, and green hues give the sense of bringing calm feelings of bringing the outdoors in. Including a personal spa is another on-trend for 2023, creating a sensory experience with colorful lights and monochromatic metal gradients.

    Large Windows & Doors

    A continuing trend of bringing the indoors outside and vice versa is still very popular. Colorado homeowners have a deep connection to the outdoors. Adding windows to multiple walls, installing floor-to-ceiling windows, large-scale windows, or replacing single doors with double doors is a beautiful way to let more natural light in, enhancing the views from your living spaces. Retractable screen doors, large patio space, and oversized or stacking patio doors are also growing trends.

    Warm and Soft Palettes

    Predicted to be trending in 2023 are warm brown and beige tones adding a calmer and more relaxing atmosphere to your home. Try incorporating an accent wall to add dimensions to your living spaces. Maybe another surprising trend is the use of wallpaper. Using wallpaper with a versatile amber tone can be used for both traditional and contemporary styles. Wallpapers with bold colors and patterns help to visually lengthen and widen the footprint of a room. Compliment these warm tones with deep wood tone accessories, or white, beige, or terracotta furniture.

    Curve Trends

    Carrying over from 2022 trends, the curve trend continues to gain popularity. Use the curved trend in your kitchen island, using curved sofas and chairs or even a curved bar softens and makes the space more inviting, as well as maximizing the space.

    Home Offices

    The trend of people working from home on a regular basis continues to grow. Having a dedicated, yet comfortable and functional home office space allows people to work outside of standard 9-5 jobs. Adding custom built-in cabinets to help with organization efforts can also help with the storage issue without overwhelming the style of the room. There is a specific trend of creating sheds, converting garages, and making-over home office spaces to make working from home more enjoyable and efficient.

    Energy Updates

    With utility and energy bills on the rise, homeowners are opting for better insulation, energy-efficient windows, smart thermometers, and even solar panels. With the Inflation Reduction Act passing in August 2022, legislation is offering tax credits and other incentives for Americans to go green.

    Dramatic Exterior Palettes

    Bright white siding contrasted with black windows and trim create an amazing graphic curb appeal and is still a very popular trend in 2023. There is a shift in using darker siding colors in blues, green, and warm grays while complimented with lighter windows and trim. A pop of color for the front door is a fun way to also add interest to the home. For specific window and door design trends, click here to read more.

    Even if you aren’t in the market for new windows, siding, or doors, we hope the above article will help you inspire some positive changes to your home for the coming year.

    The team at New Windows for America is ready to help you get a fresh look for your home in 2023! We have the experience, knowledge, and the local company you want to use for your interior and exterior updates, and can help you with choosing the most beautiful, energy-efficient windows and doors. We offer FACTORY-DIRECT PRICING on our windows and doors. We have a professional and knowledgeable team to help you choose the best windows and doors for your home, style, and budget.

    Plan Your Valentine’s Day in Denver

    Plan Your Valentine’s Day in Denver | Valentine's Day | New Windows for America

    Just a reminder that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner….February 14, 2023! There are all the romantic and classic gifts like roses, a box of chocolates, and jewelry but not everyone celebrates the same. This holiday is a celebration for anyone, for any budget, and anywhere! Still don’t know what to do or want to do something out of the ordinary? We’ve put together a list of Valentine’s Day options around Denver so you don’t have to spend the time, energy, or stress about what to do! All you have to do is enjoy yourself and get ready for the holiday of love!

    Food Lovers!

    Turn up the heat for a Culinary Date Night with the chefs at Cook Street! This hands-on, luxe Valentine’s celebration is something to be enjoyed with your special someone. This deluxe class offers an optional wine tasting, purchased separately, and sumptuous dishes guaranteed to spoil your palate. Be bold this year…do something unique and memorable! Be sure to sign up soon, as these classes book up quickly!

    Love to Exercise?

    Sign up and participate in Denver’s original Valentine’s Day 4-Mile. You might find a sweetheart, run into Cupid, or run with your loved ones! Dress up as your favorite couple from a movie or TV show or dress up for a fancy Date Night! Register today!

    Music Lovers!

    Concert by Candlelight with a special Valentine’s Day feature of “Romeo and Juliet” while bringing the magic of a live, multi-sensory musical experience. Get your tickets now to discover Valentine’s Day-inspired music at Skylight under the gentle glow of candlelight.

    Celebrate Galentine’s Day!

    Looking for a way to celebrate with your girlfriends? Join the Denver Milk Market’s Galentine’s Day with a special art installation, amazing cocktails, and a fabulous all-day brunch! Stroll down the heated Dairy Block alley and watch as local women artists transform (wo)mannequins into life-size art telling the story of female reinvention and power through the years! Click here for more details.

    Are You Black at Heart?

    Whether you are single or in a relationship, the Black Heart Ball is a gathering for all kinds of dark romantic individuals! Featuring some dark, danceable tunes, a cabaret of romantic and kinky performance art, and so much more! Dress in your best dark outfits, and have a beautiful evening of gothic romance! Click here for tickets!

    Garden Lovers!

    Valentine’s Day Rose Cordials and Halva at the Denver Botanic Gardens! For Valentine’s Day, come and enjoy some heart-themed herbal brandy cordials and treats. In this class, we create a rose cordial and a rose halva. A cordial is a drink made from a brandy tincture infused with herbs. Halva is a buttery treat made with spices. Get a hands-on experience making these treats and the recipes to take home, along with time to sample and enjoy together in class. We also discuss the herbal significance of rose as it is traditionally used in Ayurveda, an Indian form of Indigenous medicine. Click here to purchase your tickets today!

    Ready to Say Yes?

    Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas(ish) and celebrate Vegas style at the Talnua Distillery! As Valentine’s Day approaches, we’re shedding this cold and grey winter for something much more RITZY. We’ll have the little wedding chapel of your dreams set up and [ordained] Elvis in-house from 1-7:30 pm to officiate your wedding, vow renewals, commitment ceremony, or just have fun! They’ll even have a professional photographer on-site to capture the moment for you. Vegas Tourist costumes are HIGHLY encouraged with prizes for the best costumes of the day. If that wasn’t enough, stick around for specialty Vegas Valentine’s cocktails, food from Hippie Pie Yay, baked goods from A Kitchen Mouse Bakery, and an amazing. This is a 21+ EVENT! Find out more here!

    Show Your Love for Your Home!

    The team at New Windows for America is here to help you show your love for your home. We offer FACTORY-DIRECT PRICING on our windows and doors. We have a professional and knowledgeable team to help you choose the best windows and doors for your home, style, and budget.