What is Low E Glass?

What is Low E Glass | Low Emissivity Glass | New Windows for America

Low Emissivity Glass, also known as Low E Glass, has a coating applied to it to make windows more energy efficient. Low E glass is one of the cornerstones of any energy-efficient window. Its primary purpose is managing radiation, whether it is solar, light ultraviolet, or heat. The secret is two microscopic layers of silver, which reflect heat back to its source. Other layers in the Low E coating filter ultraviolet and solar radiation, while allowing visible light through.

The Basics of Low E Glass

Low-E coatings keep the interior of homes cooler in the summer, and warmer in the winter by allowing visible light to pass through the glass while reflecting heat back to its source.

The Science of Low Emissivity Glass

Low Emissivity (Low E) glass manages radiation, including solar, light, ultraviolet, or heat via two microscopic layers of silver. The silver reflects heat back to its source.

How does Low E Glass work in different environments?

In predominantly heating environments, IntelliGlass reflects furnace heat back into the home, reducing the burden on the furnace, yet keeping your home warm and comfortable. Some solar radiation passes through the glass, acting as a source of free energy. Most UV radiation is blocked, while a high amount of visible light shines through.

In predominantly cooling environments, IntelliGlass reflects exterior heat away from your home. Solar radiation is filtered to preserve the comfortable indoor temperature the air conditioner provides. Most UV radiation is blocked, while a high amount of visible light shines through.

What about Gas Filling? Is it really in there?

Argon gas is an odorless, non-toxic gas that’s injected between panes of sealed glass to increase a window’s insulation and sound-proofing capabilities. Argon gas increases the R-value (measurement of thermal resistance) by minimizing the heat exchange through the window while reducing the possibility of condensation and frost build-up in cold or humid climates. Argon is an inert gas that is denser than air, making it more difficult for heat or cold to transmit through glass. Vinylmax uses sophisticated filling equipment and a Thermal Check verification system to ensure maximum performance.

What if our home is in a climate that is both heating and cooling?

Each IntelliGlass package features climate-specific Low E glass that is designed to maximize energy efficiency for your Energy Star Climate Zone. Choosing a triple-pane option provides the ultimate in window performance and meets Energy Star Most Efficient performance criteria.

Why Should I choose an Energy Star-qualified window?

You can improve your indoor comfort while saving money on heating and cooling costs. Replacing your home’s window with Energy Star-qualified windows can filter out damaging ultraviolet light, and save you hundreds of dollars on heating and cooling costs. If you have more questions about Energy Star-qualified windows, please ask our team at New Windows for America.

Ready to Replace Your Windows?

New Windows for America offers all kinds of different window styles that would be perfect for your kitchen! We have 25+ years of experience with installing kitchen windows, or windows for your entire home! New Windows for America is currently offering 25% off factory-direct pricing on our windows & doors! We are happy to work with you on finding the best kitchen window replacement for your Colorado home and can offer you a free estimate.

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Window, Door, and Interior Design Trends to Look for in 2023

Window, Door, and Interior Design Trends to Look for in 2023

The new year is a great time to start fresh and evaluate your home’s needs and refresh your living spaces. The latest interior design trends have been leaning toward creating inviting, unique and comfortable spaces. 2023 is no different and furthers some of the trends we have noticed in the past couple of years. If you want to update your home, here are some trends to look forward to in 2023.

Black Window Frames

One of the simplest ways to get in on the latest trend of dark interior design is to choose a dark interior window frame. Although a bold black color can make some people nervous, this color is becoming more of a new neutral adding a sophisticated pop of color to your home. Black frames are versatile, complementing most interior designs, and make a subtle statement to your home.

Go Natural and Get in Touch with Nature

Make your house feel more vibrant and alive, and bring the outside in by incorporating houseplants, and greenery throughout your home. Known as the biophilic trend, it’s a way to create a sense of harmony between your home and the world outside, and is on track to be one of the biggest interior design trends of 2023.

You can also accomplish this by installing large picture windows, taking advantage of the outdoors, and seemingly bringing the indoors with light and views of the outside. Another option would be to create an indoor-outdoor connection by installing sliding doors to further your living space beyond your living room. Use your windows to breathe in the fresh air, listen to the sounds of nature, and boost your mood by letting the daylight in.

Art Deco Style

Celebrate the art deco trend and a touch of opulence by incorporating different window shapes into your home with maximalist shapes and geometrics. The Art Deco Glamour Trend is different than the traditional art deco as it brings a little more of the rich colors, bold geometry, and notable architectural shapes and elements. Bring eye-catching window shapes to match the architectural style of your home, use large art deco-style mirrors to add light to the room, and then accessorize with vases, frames, and home décor that includes touches of gold and elegance.

Vintage Design

Honor your home’s architectural design by matching the windows to your house’s style and roots. Bay and bow windows typically lend themselves to a craftsman or ranch-style home, whereas a Victorian-style home pairs well with single or double-hung windows. You can further complement your home’s design by using family heirlooms, and vintage décor from antique or thrift stores, and restoring their natural design spaces instead of doing a complete renovation job.

Sustainability & Going Green

For consumers and businesses, the importance of going green and being sustainable has risen greatly in the past couple of years. New Windows for America is proud to represent brands that are concerned with reducing waste, using appropriate materials, conserving natural resources, and improving air and water quality while at the same time protecting ecosystems and biodiversity. Vinylmax, Pella, and Milgard are just some of the brands that New Windows for America represents that are committed to improving sustainability in their products.

For consumers, you can also do your part by purchasing energy-efficient windows and making energy-saving improvements to your home. Becoming energy efficient is an easy and cost-effective way to combat climate change, but also reduces your energy costs. Energy efficiency saves money, increases the resilience and reliability of the electric grid, and provides environmental, community, and health benefits.

The Team at New Windows for America is Ready to Help You!

Are you ready to get a fresh look for your home in 2023? The Team at New Windows for America is ready to help you with your interior and exterior updates with new beautiful, energy-efficient windows and doors to your home today. We are offering FREE in-home estimates and can get you on our schedule ASAP!

Reduce Heat Loss in Your Denver Home

Reduce Heat Loss in Your Denver Home | New Windows for America

Winter has finally set in here in Denver, with freezing temperatures and snowy weather. As Old Man Winter is settling in, we want to keep the cold out, and the warm heat in. Keeping the heat in your home makes your life more comfortable, while also keeping your heating expenses down. Heat loss in your home means that your house is not retaining the heat, and instead, it is escaping outside. Keeping your utility costs down this winter by reducing the amount of heat loss will make your wallet happy.

Ensure your home stays warm and comfortable all season long by making your home more energy-efficient. Taking a few simple steps can help you reduce the energy loss in your home and reduce your heating bills.

Keep Your Colorado Home Safe and Warm this Winter Season

Residential energy bills are on the rise this year, in fact, according to the Colorado Office of the Utility Consumer Advocate, your Xcel Energy bill could rise as much as 54% over last year.

Check your insulation in the attic

Heat rises, and if your attic is not insulated properly, all of that precious warm air will escape your home. If you are not able to safely check the insulation in your attic, contact a professional who can do an in-home evaluation.

Insulate your walls

If you have an older home, chances are that there is little insulation in your walls. Typically, exterior walls need to be six inches thick, while older homes may only have 4 inches. Adding blown-in insulation is a quick, easy and efficient option. Contact an insulation expert for an in-home estimate and evaluation.

Window Replacement

Are your windows not fitting properly, difficult to open/close, or warped? It’s easy to tell on a cold winter day if your windows are leaking precious warm air. Single-pane glass is much less efficient than double-pane insulated glass. Choosing a vinyl replacement window like Vinylmax is a cost-effective and efficient solution while at the same time adding beauty, and comfort to your Denver home.

Replacing your Front Entry Door

If your door feels like it is allowing cold air into your home, it is a good sign that your entry door needs to be replaced. Replacing your front door with a fiberglass or steel door can ensure that cold air doesn’t step into your home while giving your home an upgraded look and amazing curb appeal.

Sealing areas in your home

Warm air can escape through small cracks and spaces. Check around your sink pipes, appliance ducts, and chimney for areas that could be re-sealed or caulked to prevent warm air from escaping. Energy.gov has some great tips on how to reduce the number of air leaks in your home to cut your heating costs this winter!

The Team at New Windows for America is Ready to Help You!

We are ready to help you add beautiful, energy-efficient windows and doors to your home today and help you ensure you don’t incur any unnecessary heat loss in your home this winter. The bonus is that you will enjoy the benefits of your replacement windows all year long! We are happy to work with you on finding the best kitchen window replacement for your Colorado home and are offering you a free in-home estimate.

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White & Light Kitchen Windows

Top 5 Best Kitchen Window Styles | White & Light Kitchen | New Windows for America

Isn’t it funny that when people come over to your house, they always seem to gather in the kitchen? And why not, the kitchen is the heart of the home! Why not make this gathering room feel as inviting as possible? Creating a space that is abundant with natural light can be accomplished perfectly by upgrading your windows.

The Team at New Windows for America can help you find the best kitchen window style for your home. Some important things to consider when looking for new kitchen windows are:

  • Easy to use
  • Air Circulation
  • Design
  • Amount of Light

The Top 5 Best Kitchen Window Styles

  1. Sliding Windows
    • Sliding Windows are a perfect option for the kitchen, especially above the kitchen sink or counters. They are very easy to operate and give greater control for air circulation
  2. Garden Window
    • Do you like to cook with fresh herbs year-round? A garden window gives you the option of being able to grow herbs, small plants, or just extra space for those special trinkets. This type of window extends beyond the façade of your home and has glass on all sides, perfect for growing or letting natural light in.
  3. Double Hung
    • Double-hung windows are extremely popular for any room of the house, including the kitchen. Just as with the sliding window, you’ll have greater control over air circulation as you can open it from the top or bottom.
  4. Casement Windows
    • These windows are opened outwards by using a crank perfect for when you want to control the airflow. They are perfect for allowing brightness and airiness into your kitchen.
  5. Patio Door
    • A sliding patio door is like a large sliding window, allowing maximum natural light into your kitchen. Sliding patio doors slide on a track and are easy to open and operate.

Now that you have that bright and light kitchen you have dreamed of, we have come up with 10 design tips for you on how you can complement your new windows!

10 Creative Kitchen Window Ideas & Decorating Tips

A white kitchen exudes timeless sophistication.  With a bright and airy canvas, you can easily add your own style with backsplashes, lighting, hardware, etc., in a wide variety of colors, textures, and styles.

  1. Consider adding a white or creative and colorful backsplash to complement white window frames to balance light and space.  
  2. Upgrade to a new range or updated vent hoods, which can often feel more like a statement piece or a piece of furniture.
  3. For the kitchen walls, a warm natural color or gray paint can tone down the brightness or add a splash of color with wallpaper or brighter wall color.
  4. Replace your countertop with a natural stone or wood to warm up the space.
  5. Update your lighting fixtures especially at the island and over the kitchen sink area.
  6. Add some texture to your chairs and stools by adding slipcovers.
  7. Switch out the kitchen flooring with a fun geometric tile, porcelain, or durable stone tile.
  8. Consider repainting or refinishing your kitchen cabinets instead of a full replacement.
  9. Add roman shades to your new windows for privacy.
  10. Upgrade your kitchen sink fixtures for a relatively inexpensive update.

Ready to Get Started on Replacing Your Kitchen Windows?

New Windows for America offers all kinds of different window styles that would be perfect for your kitchen! We have 25+ years of experience with installing kitchen windows, or windows for your entire home! New Windows for America offers some of the industry’s best brands, including Vinylmax, Milgard, Pella, and more! We are happy to work with you on finding the best kitchen window replacement for your Colorado home and can offer you a free estimate.

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Is Winter a Good Time of Year to Replace Your Windows?

With the colder weather approaching, your heating bills may have started to increase, or maybe you have noticed some drafty windows. It is probably a good time for you to consider getting your windows replaced.

So, the question is, is winter a good time to get your home’s window replaced? There are pros and cons to replacing windows during the winter season as well as summer however, you may be surprised that window installation can happen during the winter season.

A big misconception about winter window installation is that it may not be as effective as changing your windows during the warmer months. Homeowners may fear that sealants won’t settle properly or insulating foam may not expand correctly in colder temperatures. With our 25+ years of experience, New Windows for America has adapted to our Colorado weather conditions, using materials that don’t lose their adhesive or expanding properties when the temperature drops significantly.

Relying on a professional window installation company like New Windows for America will help to ensure a quality installation, even during the colder months! One great benefit of installing replacement windows in winter is that you will experience an immediate improvement in insulation and a drop in your energy bills.

Winter Window Replacement

There are several advantages of installing new windows during the winter season. Although installation could present some challenges, the benefit of enjoying an energy efficiency boost, and lower energy bills, will ensure keeping your home comfortable all winter long. Heat gain and loss account for 25-30% of residential heating and cooling energy use. Replacing worn-out windows can offer significant benefits to your family’s health and comfort and reduce high energy bills.

The cold weather also helps to identify which windows need to be replaced. You will have no problem noticing which rooms are colder and finding where the drafty windows are.

Window Installation Easy as 1-2-3, even in the Winter

Our team has 25+ years of experience working to keep complications to a minimum, as well as ensuring that your project will go as smoothly as possible. You may be a little concerned about the cold air entering your house from the outside during the installation. You should feel at ease in knowing that our Team at New Windows for America has the experience to get the job done with minimal discomfort, and as quickly and efficiently as possible.

  1. Window Replacement – One at a Time – To minimize the amount of outdoor cold air inside, we will replace the windows one at a time. Our installers guarantee quick service and can replace up to 8 windows in one day and will work efficiently to minimize the amount of time your home is exposed to cold air.
  2. Sealing off the installation area – We will keep your home as comfortable as possible during the installation by taking the necessary steps like sealing off the room, and blocking and limiting the cold air only to one room at a time. Closing interior doors will also help prevent cold air from flowing into your home.
  3. Keeping your home clean – Our installers will limit our mess to a minimum, cleaning up our area before we leave. Our team will wear shoe covers, and lay down blankets to keep your home protected from minimal dirt and debris.

Replacing your windows during the winter, you will find you can start enjoying a much healthier, more comfortable, properly functioning home, and extreme winter heating losses.

Ready to Get Started on Your Window Replacement Project?

No matter what season you choose to get your windows replaced, our team of experienced window installation professionals will ensure your project goes smoothly. Our team has 25+ years of experience installing windows in our Colorado weather. When you choose replacement windows from New Windows for America, you can feel comfortable knowing you’re getting the best, and most energy-efficient replacement windows that will benefit your home, especially during the cold winter season.

Contact our New Windows for America Team today and get a free estimate.

Understanding Energy-Efficient Windows

Understanding Energy-Efficient Windows | Denver Replacement Windows

With the cooler weather now upon us, Colorado residents are looking for ways to keep their homes warm, without increasing their heating bills. An effective way of doing this is installing new energy-efficient windows. Did you know that up to 30% of your heating and cooling energy use is attributed to heat gain and loss through windows (according to Energy.gov)? New Windows for America can help you choose the best energy-efficient windows for your home, and for our harsh Colorado climate.

What Makes a Window Energy Efficient

Energy-efficient windows are designed to prevent heated or cooled air from escaping your home.  The benefits are minimizing energy consumption with lower electric bills while enjoying comfortable and consistent temperatures in your home. Some key elements to consider are the glass, frame, and style of the window.

Double and triple-pane windows have several layers of glass where the space is filled with an inert gas such as argon and krypton, secured by a space. The combination of a gas filler and spacer enhances the windows’ ability to resist heat transfer. Windows with these features are ideal for areas that experience great temperature variances. If you have an older home, you may have single-pane windows which are not very effective or energy efficient.

For more information about how to choose the right window for you, click here!

Window Efficiency Terms You Should Know

Windows, along with doors, can attribute to heat loss or heat gain. Some of the vocabulary associated with energy-efficient windows may be overwhelming. Here are some of the commonly used terms that may be helpful for you.

Low-E Glass

Low-Emissivity (Low-E) glass has been treated with a thin microscopic metallic coating which is designed to filter the amount of UV light entering your home. By filtering out the UV light with the Low-E glass it will keep your home’s temperature more consistent year-round. An added benefit is that it helps to prevent fading on your furniture and window treatments.


A window’s U-factor refers to the amount of heat conducted through a window. The lower a window’s U-factor, the more energy efficient it is.


Looks for windows with a high R-value, which refers to how well it conducts heat as well as the material’s insulation level.

Insulated Glass

With double or triple-pane windows, there is a small gap in between each pane of glass. This gap is filled with argon, an inert gas, that insulates better than regular air, thereby making the window more energy efficient.

Warm Edge Spacers

On a cold day, try touching your windows. Are they colder along the edges? Do they have any condensation along the edge? In some windows, panes of glass are separated by aluminum, a very conductive material. Warm edge spacers are made with a less conductive material and help to prevent heat from being transferred along the outer edges of the windows.

Frame Material

A window frame helps to provide support while holding the main parts of your window in place. Looking for a quality frame that is going to be strong and energy efficient at the same time is important. Window frames can be made from vinyl, fiberglass, metal, or wood. Modern window frames offer high energy efficiency with window technology continually improving. Window frames can reduce air filtration and leakage helping to improve overall comfort and energy loss in your home.  Lastly, frames can add some serious style and curb appeal to the exterior of your home.

At New Windows for America, we install all types of energy-efficient windows and can help you decide which window will best fit your home and budget. We are committed to helping you save money by installing energy-efficient windows, doors, and siding.

Contact our New Windows for America Team today and get a free estimate on your new windows. See how we can help you transform your home, save on your energy bills, and improve your curb appeal today!

Window Safety Tips for Families with Kids

Window Safety tips for families | Denver Window replacement | New Windows for America

At New Windows for America, we care about the safety of you and your family. Unfortunately every year, about 3,300 children below the age of five visit emergency rooms for injuries resulting from window accidents. Falls from window-related injuries are common in hospital emergency rooms. You want your children to be kept safe, which is why we recommend you review window safety tips and keep your windows childproof. There are several ways to protect your child, including keeping an eye on them, but when that is not possible, we have some important tips to share below.

Install Childproof Locks

Keep your windows safe, and keep them locked whenever they are closed. This is not just to secure your home, but also to prevent curious children. This way, an innocent child leaning on a closed window will not get hurt or worse, fall out of a window. If the windows do not have locks, start by installing them. There are several childproof locks available for any type of window you may have in your home. These locks are simple to install. Just remember, whenever the windows are not in use, lock them.

Install Window Guards

Window guards provide extra protection when the window frame does not prevent falls. These guards provide the grill that ensures kids do not fall off even when a window is open. Most of the available guards will install on most types of windows. However, look for guards with an emergency release mechanism in case of an emergency.

Use Cordless Window Coverings and Folding Window Cranks

Window covering cords are a danger to children. Many children die from being strangled by these cords. To prevent that, use cordless window coverings. If you already have corded window blinds, consider temporarily removing them until you find a replacement. Window cranks are also not safe unless they are foldable. Remove the window cranks to ensure that kids do not accidentally open them.

Keep Furniture Away from the Windows

Children love peeking outside the window. As such, if your windows are not childproof, you need to ensure they have no means to climb up and peek through the window. Place furniture and any other means of climbing away from the windows.

Talk to Children About Window Safety

Even with all the features above, you still want to ensure that your kids know about the dangers of falling from a window. This is especially important when you have older kids that might protect the younger ones from falling off windows. Do not assume that window screens will help as these only keep off insects. Talk to your kids from a young age about window safety.

Replace your Old Windows with New, Modern Windows

Some old windows do not have the security features as many new windows have. Old windows could be warped and out of balance and have signs of deterioration causing them to be difficult to open or close. This is especially dangerous if you are not able to use your windows as an emergency exit if the need arises. Modern window replacements also offer better UV protection, keeping your children and family safe from UV rays.

Talk to one of our team members at New Windows for America today about options for replacing the windows you have with newer, safer windows. New Windows for America will show you options and help ensure the safety of your home by installing high-quality and childproof windows right for your home and family.

For additional information from the Fenestration & Glazing Industry Alliance – click here!

Trending Window Styles & Designs for 2022

Magazines, influencers, social media posts, and insights from homestyle professionals all point to what is trending for design ideas for our homes. Deciding on the best window style can sometimes be confusing.

Here are some of the current window design trends and ideas to give your house an updated change:

Black Exterior Trim

Using rich colors on window frames has become increasingly popular, adding drama to your home’s exterior, and elevating curb appeal. Black and colored exterior trim is commonly used to reflect individuality and a distinct personality for one’s home.  Choosing a colored trim can offer a bold contrast giving your home a unique look and feel.

Vinyl window frames require much less frequent maintenance than painted wood windows and are used widely by many of today’s top remodeling designers. Noting also that black windows can often add up to 15% more value than regular white windows.

New Windows for America proudly offers VinylMax windows in a number of different series such as Edison, Inspire, Trend, and Prestige that offer colored laminated exteriors. Please contact us to learn more about these trending window styles.

Flexible Living

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) have quickly become a way to expand the living space for flexible use, adding on to one’s home, above a garage, or a stand-alone building on your property. To create consistency and uniformity in your home, it is important to coordinate the style, shape, size, and color with your main property.

The Team at New Windows for America can offer helpful design options to work within your budget.

Privacy or Translucent Glass

Privacy or translucent glass obscures the view from both sides allowing the light to still peek through. Depending on your home, some of your windows may lack privacy while at the same time owners still want the flexibility of having natural light. Privacy glass can be an option for those homeowners who may want to create private spaces within their homes. Some options for privacy glass can come in frosted, tinted, textured, patterned, and opaque glass.

Custom Shaped Windows

No two rooms are exactly the same! Give your house some unexpected character by adding an arched, or circular window.  The look and function of the windows in your home can be designed to fit your design vision.

Bringing the Outside, In!

Choosing floor-to-ceiling windows is an amazing option for optimizing daylight and enjoying sweeping views from the comfort of your home. It is important for people to interact with or be close to nature, plants, and animals. Having large windows can make people feel more connected to nature and the environment, in the privacy of their own homes.

Are you ready for your next home improvement project? Let the Team at New Windows for America be a part of your project! We can help you understand the energy efficiency of new windows, as well as provide you with options for window design and styles, all to fit within your budget.

How Much Does Window Replacement Cost?

Cost of Window Replacement | Denver Window Replacement | New Windows for America

Budgeting for Window Replacement

One of the most common home maintenance projects is window replacement. The cost of window replacement can vary depending on window type, material, size, energy efficiency, etc. The Team at New Windows for America can help you figure out precisely what you should spend to achieve your dream window replacement project without breaking your bank or making other sacrifices regarding family or material goods.

Window Size

Typically the larger the window, the more expensive the replacement due to the extra materials, and labor involved. There may also be some additional costs of window replacement like rotten wood repairs, drip cap flashing, and waterproofing that can increase costs.

Material Considerations

Different types of material will be more or less expensive, depending on the manufacturer and even the condition of your windows. Popular choices include vinyl, wood, fiberglass, and composite. Weighing out the pros and cons of each material is something you should talk to the Team at New Windows for America, to help make the best decision for your budget and for your home.

Window Styles

It is important to consider window style when calculating the cost of replacement windows. You can read about finding The Best Window Style for your Home in one of our recent blog articles. At New Windows for America, we are here to help guide you and help you navigate this process, as we have 25+ years of experience as professional window installers in Denver and surrounding areas.

Window Location

The location of a window can add to the expense of a window replacement. Code requirements for windows in the bathrooms, bedrooms, etc., can add to cost, for example, tempered glass, or egress requirements, as well as specialty or decorative windows, which can also increase the price. There may be additional costs for windows on upper floors, or hard-to-reach areas as installations can cause increased labor costs, special equipment, or more time to complete a project.

Create a Budget

Often times homeowners need to replace multiple windows at one time. It is a good idea to create a budget for the cost of the entire project prior to getting started. Set up a time with our Team at New Windows for America to get a FREE In-Home Estimate based on your home and needs. Make sure to ask about our current offers and tax credits.

Working with New Windows for America is always “The Better Way to Buy Windows”

Can Replacing Your Windows Add Value to Your Home?

Windows are an integral part of your home. Replacing them adds immediate curb appeal, but also increases your property value significantly. The added value of new windows is the subject of hot debate among building experts. Here are some points you may consider when deciding whether to replace your home windows.

Determine if your Windows need to be Replaced

Are your windows starting to look warped, discolored, or foggy? This is typically a sign that moisture is starting to seep in, and your windows may be at risk for rot or decay. Are your energy bills noticeably higher? Energy inefficiency can dramatically increase your energy bills, a costly sign that it may be time to replace your windows.

If you’re not sure if your windows need to be replaced, give the Team at New Windows for America a call at 303.920.0175 and we will give our honest opinion.

Save Money with Energy-Efficient Windows

Replacing your windows with new ones will make your home more energy efficient. Double-pane windows don’t just save money on heating and air-conditioning costs, and they also help protect the environment. Each year Americans lose so much money on wasteful heating and cooling systems. Replacing old windows with energy-efficient ones can significantly cut these costs down.

The National Fenestration Rating Council, or NFRC, offers energy performance rating labels for window types that can tell you a lot about the efficiency of any particular window. While shopping for window replacements, these labels will be a great way to tell which windows will improve your energy efficiency quickly. 

Do New Windows Increase Home Value?

Windows are an integral part of your home’s value. Some experts even recommend replacing windows if you plan to sell your home within two years because investing in window replacement can significantly improve the market value of your property and give you a better return on investment.

Most home buyers are willing to pay more for homes that have more energy-efficient features. Investing in new windows is one excellent way to improve energy efficiency.

How New Windows Can Save Your Money

You could earn up to 30% tax credit with new energy-efficient windows. Click here to read more! We can help you with what options are best for your home.

The potentially high cost of new home windows may be intimidating. The return on investment for new windows may not be apparent for quite some time. CNBC reported that paying $10,000 for replacement vinyl windows could yield a return of about $8,500 – or an ROI of 85%. This is also on top of what you would save monthly with reduced energy bills – up to $450 per year.

New Windows will improve your Curb Appeal

If you’re looking for ways to give your home a facelift, replace old windows with new ones. Replacing windows can not only increase your home’s value, but it can also boost the aesthetic appeal of your property. In addition, your neighbors won’t be jealous of you when they see your newly designed windows and will want to get the same treatment. This is a smart investment, especially if you plan to sell shortly.

New Windows are a Smart Investment

Replacing your windows is a smart investment. The added value of new windows is worth it. Whether you replace your windows for aesthetic purposes or to improve the energy efficiency of your property, you’ll be glad you did. For more information on how replacing your windows can increase the value of your home and sell your property quickly, contact us today!

Have you been thinking about replacing your windows? Our team will provide you with several solutions, brands, and options that will best suit your budget and your home.

Click the link below to schedule a consultation with one of our New Windows for America team members today!