Summer Savings with Energy-Efficient Windows

Summer Savings with Energy Efficient Windows | New Windows for America

Summer is the perfect time to upgrade to energy-efficient windows! You can help to save on your energy bills this summer as well as improve the overall comfort, curb appeal, and aesthetics of your home.

Top Reasons How Energy-Efficient Windows Can Contribute to Your Summer Savings:

Reduce Your Cooling Costs

Energy-efficient windows are specifically designed to minimize heat transfer and keep your home cooler during the summer. These windows have advanced glazing technologies, such as low-emissivity (Low-E) coatings and multiple panes with insulating gas fills, which can help to block the sun’s heat and harmful UV rays from entering your home. This reduces your need to rely so heavily on your air conditioning, leading to lower energy consumption and reduced cooling costs.

Improved insulation

Energy-efficient windows feature enhanced insulation properties, helping to prevent hot air from entering your home and cool air from escaping. By creating a more stable indoor environment, you can rely less on your air conditioner and fans to help maintain a comfortable temperature in your home, which will result in energy savings.

Natural ventilation

Energy-efficient windows are often designed to assist with natural ventilation, especially on those cooler summer days and nights. These replacement windows can be equipped with features like adjustable openings, insect screens, and strategic placement to allow for cross-ventilation and fresh air circulation. The ability of natural ventilation can also help to reduce the need for your air conditioner and improve your home’s indoor air quality.

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient

Energy-efficient windows can offer different levels of solar heat gain control based on your specific needs. Ask the team at New Windows for America about the windows best suited for your home, and the direction of your home. Windows with a lower solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) allow less solar heat to enter your home, reducing the need for cooling. By selecting windows with the appropriate SHGC rating for your climate, you can optimize energy savings.

Long-term savings

Replacing your old windows with energy-efficient windows offers long-term savings. With reduced energy consumption, you can expect lower utility bills over time, offsetting the initial investment. Ask us about how you can save with the new tax credits to help with your energy savings.

Increased Home Value & Curb Appeal

Energy-efficient upgrades, including windows, can boost your home’s value and improve your home’s curb appeal. Potential buyers often prioritize energy efficiency and may be willing to pay a premium for a home with energy-efficient features. So, in addition to enjoying summer savings, you may also reap the benefits when it comes time to sell your property.

Energy-efficient windows can provide heat reduction, improved insulation, UV radiation protection, reduced energy consumption, and enhanced comfort in your home during the hot Colorado summer months. While energy-efficient windows can contribute to summer savings, it’s important to also consider other factors like insulation, shading, and overall home energy efficiency to maximize the benefits and savings.

Are you ready to save this summer with new energy-efficient replacement windows?

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Beat the Summer Heat with New Energy-Efficient Windows

Beat the Summer Heat with New Energy-Efficient Windows | New Windows for America

The Colorado summer heat can be relentless, but there are several ways to beat it and keep your home cool. Especially during the summer months, a spike in your utility bill may be normal as your HVAC system is working harder than usual to try to beat the outside heat. One of the best ways to reduce your energy bill is to install new energy-efficient windows. Energy-efficient windows are designed to reduce heat gain from the sun, minimize air leakage, and provide better insulation.

New windows are an important aesthetic feature of your home but can also contribute to your home’s overall comfort and keep your home cool during the hot summer months.

Top Reasons to Replace Your Windows this Summer

Enhanced Insulation & Energy Efficiency

Old windows often have air leaks and inefficient insulation, resulting in increased energy consumption and higher utility bills. Vinyl replacement windows are a great choice to keep your house cool this summer as the frames offer extra insulation making it easier to maintain a comfortable temperature. Installing double-pane energy-efficient windows provides improved insulation while keeping the cool air produced by your air conditioner inside and preventing hot outdoor air from seeping in.

Choosing Windows with SHGC Rating

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) is the amount of solar radiation admitted through a window, releasing heat inside a home. An SHGC rating measures how well a window blocks heat from sunlight. The lower the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient, the lower the solar heat the window lets into your home.

Low-E Glass:

Low-emissivity (Low-E) glass is another feature of new energy-efficient windows. Low-E is one of the best solutions for reducing heat transfer through a window. With older windows, heat transfer via radiation is allowed to pass through since there is no coating to stop it.  Windows that have Low-E Technology applied to the glass during the manufacturing process with a thin, transparent coating that allows visible light to pass through but reflects heat radiation. This means that while natural light illuminates your home, the heat from the sun is significantly reduced, maintaining a cooler indoor temperature.

Reduced Air Leakage:

When installed by a professional installer at New Windows for America, we will ensure that your new energy-efficient windows are tightly sealed to prevent air leakage. Drafty windows can let warm air in and cool air out, forcing your air conditioner to work harder. By eliminating air leaks, energy-efficient windows create a more stable and comfortable indoor environment while reducing the load on your cooling system.

Noise Reduction

Do you live on a busy street or have noisy neighbors? New replacement energy-efficient windows can often block outside noise pollution. Investing in new double-pane or even triple-pane windows can help dampen outside noise providing immediate benefits within the home. They can minimize the amount of outdoor noise that enters your home, providing a more peaceful and comfortable living space. If you’re looking for a way to improve your home’s comfort and save money on your energy bills, consider installing new replacement windows.

Are you ready to save on your Energy Bills this summer with new energy-efficient replacement windows?

By investing in new energy-efficient windows, you can effectively beat the summer heat, maintain a cooler home, reduce your reliance on using your air conditioning, and potentially save on energy costs. Call us today and take advantage of our FACTORY-DIRECT PRICING on our windows and doors.

We are a local and family-owned business for over 25+ years, installing a wide range of energy-efficient windows, doors, and siding. With our trained and professional installers, you can trust New Windows for America as your local window installer to perform a quality installation. We have a 5-star professional and knowledgeable team to help you choose the best windows, siding, and doors for your home, to fit your style, and budget. Contact us today to schedule your FREE In-Home Estimate.

Understanding Energy-Efficient Windows

Understanding Energy-Efficient Windows | Denver Replacement Windows

With the cooler weather now upon us, Colorado residents are looking for ways to keep their homes warm, without increasing their heating bills. An effective way of doing this is installing new energy-efficient windows. Did you know that up to 30% of your heating and cooling energy use is attributed to heat gain and loss through windows (according to New Windows for America can help you choose the best energy-efficient windows for your home, and for our harsh Colorado climate.

What Makes a Window Energy Efficient

Energy-efficient windows are designed to prevent heated or cooled air from escaping your home.  The benefits are minimizing energy consumption with lower electric bills while enjoying comfortable and consistent temperatures in your home. Some key elements to consider are the glass, frame, and style of the window.

Double and triple-pane windows have several layers of glass where the space is filled with an inert gas such as argon and krypton, secured by a space. The combination of a gas filler and spacer enhances the windows’ ability to resist heat transfer. Windows with these features are ideal for areas that experience great temperature variances. If you have an older home, you may have single-pane windows which are not very effective or energy efficient.

For more information about how to choose the right window for you, click here!

Window Efficiency Terms You Should Know

Windows, along with doors, can attribute to heat loss or heat gain. Some of the vocabulary associated with energy-efficient windows may be overwhelming. Here are some of the commonly used terms that may be helpful for you.

Low-E Glass

Low-Emissivity (Low-E) glass has been treated with a thin microscopic metallic coating which is designed to filter the amount of UV light entering your home. By filtering out the UV light with the Low-E glass it will keep your home’s temperature more consistent year-round. An added benefit is that it helps to prevent fading on your furniture and window treatments.


A window’s U-factor refers to the amount of heat conducted through a window. The lower a window’s U-factor, the more energy efficient it is.


Looks for windows with a high R-value, which refers to how well it conducts heat as well as the material’s insulation level.

Insulated Glass

With double or triple-pane windows, there is a small gap in between each pane of glass. This gap is filled with argon, an inert gas, that insulates better than regular air, thereby making the window more energy efficient.

Warm Edge Spacers

On a cold day, try touching your windows. Are they colder along the edges? Do they have any condensation along the edge? In some windows, panes of glass are separated by aluminum, a very conductive material. Warm edge spacers are made with a less conductive material and help to prevent heat from being transferred along the outer edges of the windows.

Frame Material

A window frame helps to provide support while holding the main parts of your window in place. Looking for a quality frame that is going to be strong and energy efficient at the same time is important. Window frames can be made from vinyl, fiberglass, metal, or wood. Modern window frames offer high energy efficiency with window technology continually improving. Window frames can reduce air filtration and leakage helping to improve overall comfort and energy loss in your home.  Lastly, frames can add some serious style and curb appeal to the exterior of your home.

At New Windows for America, we install all types of energy-efficient windows and can help you decide which window will best fit your home and budget. We are committed to helping you save money by installing energy-efficient windows, doors, and siding.

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When is it a Good Idea to Replace the Windows in a House?

Windows are some of the most prominent parts of a house, yet except for being fitted with some sort of coverings, they tend to get ignored by residents. This is because they will last for years before failing completely. Even so, it’s a good idea to pay more attention to them. Window replacement in Denver may turn out to be needed after all.

Old Windows May Not Be as Efficient as Possible

Like everything else, windows have become better over time. While there may not be a big difference between today’s windows and those made 10 years ago, there’s no doubt that those made 40 or 50 years ago are obsolete. One of the biggest differences is the switch from single-glazed windows to double-glazed and even triple-glazed products. A double-glazed window has a layer of air or other gas sealed between the panes, and this serves as insulation.

Wooden Frames May Harbor Hidden Rot

Wooden window frames are subject to rot, insect infestation, mold, and cracking. However, these problems often start with what seems like a tiny worn spot – a spot small enough to be missed if the windows aren’t carefully looked over on a regular basis. Even worse, a small defect can allow water to enter the frame underneath the surface and cause extensive damage not only to it, but the structural framing around the window opening.

To prevent problems of this sort, make sure to check over the windows and the surrounding wall areas every few months. Even better, pre-emptively replace the windows with vinyl, which doesn’t rot, crack, or draw insects.

It’s Drafty Near the Windows

This shows that they aren’t forming tight seals. Either there are gaps between the glass and the frames or there are spaces between the frames and the house. If the windows have always been this way, they’re probably of the old, inefficient variety. Newer windows can be drafty, too – failed seals or damage between the window frames and the house will let air in. Either way, leaky windows should be replaced.

These are just some of the reasons windows should be replaced even if they’re working the way they always have done. New ones provide tight seals when closed, have multiple efficiency features, and in most cases, use frames that will never rot or crack. Check out the options today to see how much better the technology has become.

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Why Energy Efficient Windows are a Hot Topic in Colorado… and What You Can do to Cut Energy Costs

Energy Efficient Window Denver Boulder ColoradoVisitors to Colorado know us for our gorgeous scenery and friendly faces. If you have lived in Denver or Boulder for more than a few months, though, you probably understand our second reputation: the one for extreme and unpredictable weather.

That’s not always a bad thing, since it means you can enjoy golf, hiking, and skiing all in the same week. But, when it comes to your utility bills – especially for heating in the winter and air conditioning in the blazing summer months – it’s not all wonderful news. Those energy costs can really add up, and in the past few years, homeowners throughout Colorado have been looking for ways to save money and be more comfortable at the same time.

Here at New Windows for America, we are helping our customers throughout Denver, Boulder, and the Front Range to make their homes more energy-efficient. You can enjoy the savings, too, by making a few small investments around the home, such as:

  1. Replacement windows. When you aren’t using modern, properly installed windows in your Colorado home, you literally let money fly out through the cracks. Given that they are so easy to upgrade – and that our replacement energy efficient windows come with free installation and strong warranties – why wouldn’t you want to have the best and keep more cash in your own pocket?
  2. New doors. Next to the windows, doors are the most common culprits for money-wasting inefficiency, as they can let lots of warm or cool air in and out of your house all year long. Besides being energy-efficient, new doors can give your home a new look and feel. To see the difference the right door can make, you just have to spend a few minutes looking through the hundreds of options we offer our customers.
  3. Updated vinyl and steel siding. Not only can siding help reinforce your home’s insulation, but it can also add to its beauty and value while protecting you from the elements. If your siding has become worn – or you just think it’s time for a fresh color and/or style – now is the perfect time to visit New Windows for America and see our Denver home siding options.

High energy bills don’t have to stop you from enjoying life in Colorado and getting the most from your house. Why not talk with a member of our team today and see how easy it is to lower your monthly utility costs through replacement windows, doors, and home siding?

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