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Give Your Mom the Gift of a Garden Window

A kitchen garden window is a wonderful gift you could give your mom this Mother’s Day! Kitchen garden windows are becoming more and more popular with homeowners for many reasons. Garden windows can provide an easy way to grow herbs, small plants, and vegetables right in the comfort of your own kitchen.

What is a Garden Window?

A garden window is a type of window that extends outward from your home and is designed to create a small greenhouse-like space for indoor plants or herbs. The main difference between a bay window and a garden window is the angle of the windows. Bay windows are at a 45-degree angle to the wall, whereas a garden window forms a 90-degree angle. A garden window typically has four glass panels, including two sloping side panels and a flat front panel, and a roof made of glass or polycarbonate material.

Garden windows are usually installed in a kitchen or a dining area, where they can provide natural light and ventilation while also creating an inviting space to display plants, herbs, or flowers. Garden windows can also add architectural interest to a home, which could increase its resale value.

What are some of the benefits of a garden window?

Natural Light
Garden windows allow more natural light into your home than traditional windows, making your living space brighter and more inviting. A garden home can add beauty and charm but also by promoting energy efficiency by using natural light instead of electricity.

Fresh Air & Ventilation
A garden window can reduce indoor air pollution by opening the window to fresh air. Garden windows typically have vents that allow fresh air to circulate in your home. This can improve indoor air quality and create a more comfortable living environment.

Expand Your Views
A garden window can serve as an additional space for storage or decoration, providing a unique and functional feature in your home. It is also a great space for bird watching or keeping an eye on the kids in the backyard. With a standard window, you are prohibited by only being able to look straight out, whereas with a garden window, you can now see out to the left, right, and above.

Energy efficiency
Garden windows are designed to be energy efficient, which can help to reduce your heating and cooling costs. Since a garden window has three sides of glass, it allows more light to come in which means even more energy savings each month! Talk to the team at New Windows for America about options for garden windows!

A Garden Window becomes the Perfect Greenhouse
A garden window is the perfect spot to grow your herb garden. A kitchen garden window becomes a mini greenhouse providing lots of space, sunlight, and warmth giving plants, herbs, and seedlings a protected home.

Even if your window is perfectly functional, you may want to change things up by replacing a standard window with a garden window. While a full kitchen renovation may not be something you want to take on, the cost of a garden window is substantially less than a full remodel while creating a new, open, and fresh look and feel to your kitchen.

Are you ready to install a Kitchen Garden Window in Your Home?

If a garden window sounds like something you are considering, or perhaps a gift for your mom for Mother’s Day, call us for a FREE In-Home Estimate! Start enjoying an abundance of light, a perfect spot for your herbs and plants, and energy-efficient windows for your Denver home.

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