Top Advantages of Installing a Patio Door in Denver

Top Advantages of Installing a Patio Door in Denver | New Windows for America

Sliding patio doors have gained in popularity over the past several years. And why not? Their natural light and views from the outside bring natural beauty and views from your outside, within the comfort of the inside of your home. Having a patio door also works well on those days when you want to enjoy a welcome breeze during the warmer days.

The team at New Windows for America can work with you to find the right patio door for your home and your budget. We have many patio door options for you to choose from, including styles, colors, and hardware. The patio door manufacturers that we work with offer doors that are made with superior construction and durability, which are perfect for a lively home and a lovely view.

Here are a couple of advantages of having a patio door:

Natural Light & Space Efficiency

Installing a patio door can take the place of old windows, or even a solid wall, allowing natural light to flood into your home creating an inviting and airy environment. The floor-to-ceiling view brings in the sunlight, views and fresh air are at your disposal 365 days a year! Sliding doors can save space in your home and make it seem larger than it really is. Using a patio door is so easy as it simply slides effortlessly open to access the outdoors without taking up valuable space.

Ventilation & Fresh Air into Your Home

On those warmer days, having the patio door fully open, halfway open, or even slightly open allows for fresh air and circulation. This could be especially beneficial on those warmer Colorado spring days when the fresh breeze can air out your stuffy home. The space of a patio door is big enough to allow for large surges of air to come into the home, cooling the home which could reduce your need for air conditioning on some days. Improving the air quality, smell and feel of fresh air in the house can make a world of difference in your home.

Easy of Access & Traffic Flow

As the sliding doors are easily opened to the side, you can easily access your backyard or patio. Because they don’t swing open, they won’t interfere with furniture or the entryway. This is especially convenient for get-togethers with family and friends, as it allows for greater foot traffic to and from the house.

Patio Doors offer Safety & Security

Most patio doors have optimum security, with some of our patio door options having keyed locksets that offer greater security and peace of mind when away. Dual point stainless steel mortise lock ensures ultimate security by engaging in multiple areas. Some of our patio doors offer a two-position toe lock which permits the door to be locked in an open airflow position or adds extra secure locking.

Patio Doors Easy to Maintain

Patio doors have an effortless operation as they glide on a monorail system for graceful operation making opening the patio door a smooth and quiet process. They are relatively low in maintenance and easy to clean. Sliding doors are a great and affordable way to add functionality to your home.

Sliding Doors offer Increased Energy Efficiency

Many of our patio door options are available in dual or triple-paned configurations with tempered glass for ultimate energy performance while maximizing safety. Some of our patio doors have multiple rows of weatherstripping combined with fully interlocking panels to keep your home secure and free from drafts or leaks. Be sure to ask about our Energy Star-rated Patio Doors!

Blinds Between the Glass

Some patio door options also have blinds between the glass. With this option, you can take control of privacy, security, and daylight. Fingertip adjustment effortlessly operates tilt, raise, and lower operations. Sturdy aluminum blinds are sealed between two panes of Low-E tempered glass. These blinds are covered by a 10-year warranty against material and operational defects.

Increased Home Value

Whether you need replacement windows or a sliding patio door, these upgrades will help add more value to your home, as they can become a primary selling point.

Other Options

Depending on the style of a patio door, there are other options you can consider such as a patio screen door. Having a patio screen door installed can help make your home safer, as well as protect your home from insects. Another add-on option is installing a pet insert on your patio door. Your pet will absolutely appreciate the easy access, and as a pet owner, you will also appreciate that you don’t have to open and close the door every time your pet needs come and go. The pet inserts come in different sizes, allowing you to find the best option for your pet.

Trust New Windows for America with your Patio Door Needs

The above advantages are all great reasons to have a sliding patio door installed today. Considering that they are energy-efficient, secure, and stylish, upgrading your sliding patio door should be on your list of things to do this spring! We can assist you with any questions you might have about sliding doors. Are you interested in learning more about sliding windows and if they might be right for your home? We offer many sliding window styles and options for you to choose from, with color choices, configurations, and hardware options.

Our team at New Windows for America has the experience and knowledge to help you choose the most beautiful, energy-efficient sliding patio doors for your home. Make sure to ask about our FACTORY-DIRECT PRICING on our windows and doors and be ready for us to provide you with a FREE In-Home Estimate today!