Top Benefits of Having a Security Door Installed in your Home

Top Benefits of Having a Security Door Installed in your Home | New Windows for America

Your home is your sanctuary, and you always want to feel safe, and keep your family safe. Installing a security door in your home is a great way to feel protected without sacrificing the aesthetic of your home. The team at New Windows for America can help you choose the best option for your home and budget as we offer many styles and brands of security doors.

Here are some of the top benefits of why you may want to consider a Security Door installation for your home.

Safety & Security

While security doors mainly function for safety, they also can provide you with peace of mind. Security doors are a reliable deterrent protecting your home and your family’s safety. Security doors are tamper-proof and stand up to impact, so you can feel secure and stay safe if anyone tries to enter your home.

A security door can also help minimize risk and damage during storms, for example, high winds can break down a standard door, whereas a security door will hold up much better in these conditions.

Energy Efficiency

Security doors add another layer to your home while also providing an additional barrier to extreme weather and temperatures. High-quality security doors typically use low-emissivity (low-e) glass or glazing to increase energy efficiency.  A security door can allow fresh air in when needed and keep your home at a moderate temperature, so you’re not running the heat or air conditioning more than you need to. Security doors can save energy by regulating your home’s temperature year-round. The extra layer of home insulation reduces heat loss in the winter when it’s cold outside or keeps cool air in when it’s warm outside. This all translates to savings on your energy bills.

Deter burglars

Your home’s front door is the first line of defense. As a homeowner, you should make it harder for intruders to break into your home. Why spend a lot of money on alarm systems and fancy home protection systems when a security door can do the job?

A key advantage of aluminum security doors is that aluminum is a lightweight material that can withstand a substantial degree of force with a high level of durability.

When selecting a security door for any point of entry, it’s important to find out the specific safety features and weigh these against each other to make sure you make the best choice for burglar-proof doors and windows. The team at New Windows for America has over 25+ years in the industry and can help you choose a security door that is best for your home.

Most security door products are tested for their strength and hardiness. Be sure to ask what this looks like for the brand you are considering. Burglars will always try their best to avoid difficulty in breaking and entering. So, if you have obstacles in place that make it hard, you’re going to be far less at risk and burglars will be more likely to leave your home alone.

Increase your Property Value & Save Money

While security doors keep burglars away, they also add value to your home. Security doors can provide a safe and secure upgrade without sacrificing the aesthetic of your home. There are many options to decide from with a wide range of designs to complement your home. Security doors are also made of high-quality materials and often can last as long as your house does.

Many people do not realize that security measures can potentially lower your insurance premiums. By reducing your risk of burglary, your insurance company may reward you. If you invest in multiple layers of security measures, the savings will continue.

Natural Light & Ventilation

Installing a security door that has the option of a screen can allow fresh air and natural light in without comprising your security. A security door also allows you to always have a clear view of the outside of your home. You can enjoy fresh air and sunlight without having to worry about insects or intruders invading your home.

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