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Fun Ideas on How to Keep Cool this Summer in Colorado

Temperatures are rising here in Colorado, and the sun is shining longer which means we get to enjoy our day more! Are you finding the heat a little unbearable? We have some fun tips and tricks for you and your family to stay cool in the heat of the summer! Blasting your air conditioner is one way to lower the heat in your home, and your body temperature, but there are plenty of other ways to stay cool that won’t increase your energy bill. Some of these tips and tricks could even save you a bit of money!

Cold Treats and Beverages:

It’s important, especially when it’s hot outside, that you make sure you keep hydrated! Why not make it tasty and delicious? Enjoy refreshing cold treats like homemade popsicles, ice cream, or smoothies. These cool treats can help you stay cool and hydrated, and do we really need an excuse to eat ice cream during the summer?

Keep out the heat and light:

Stave off the heat by closing your curtains and blinds on windows early in the morning to help block out heat and sunlight. Additionally, keep the lights off in your home. Any type of power or electricity in your home will generate heat, generating unnecessary heat. You will also benefit from saving money on your electricity bill as well!

Water Fun

Set up a backyard play area with sprinklers, slip-and-slide, inflatable, or kiddie pool. Your kids, pets and maybe even you will keep cool while having fun playing in the water. Dunking your feet in cold water or spraying them with cold water will quickly cool off the rest of your body.

Fans & Air Circulation

Place a bowl of ice in front of your tabletop fan to create a cooling mist effect in your living space (take care to keep water away from electricity). Opening your windows at night can let in the cooler night air, just make sure you close them in the morning before it starts getting hot again.

Cook Outdoors

We are lucky that we live in Colorado where barbecuing on the grill is something we do almost year-round. Take advantage of the beautiful evening weather and eat your dinner outside. When you cook inside your kitchen, your appliances let off heat in the house, as well as wasting energy you may not want to use. So, give your kitchen a break and use your grill outside. Or make foods that don’t require the use of your oven and make a fresh salad or simple meal.

Plant Shade & Greenery

Adding shade trees, and plants specific to our Colorado climate can help shade your home from the direct sunlight, reduce indoor temperatures, and prevent your cooling system from overworking. Creating a cool backyard oasis by choosing shade trees or vertical plants can help make it more tolerable for you to enjoy your outdoor living space offering a natural cooling element that is also beautiful to enjoy.

Outdoor Entertainment

Enjoy the cooler night air by watching your favorite movie under the stars by creating an outdoor movie night. Skip the crowds and customize your own movie experience with cozy seating with oversized pillows and blankets, and homemade snacks and drinks. This backyard movie theater oasis may turn out to be your favorite memory of the summer!

Keeping your Denver house cool this summer can be enjoyable and creative. Use some of these fun and creative ideas to beat the heat and make the most of the summer while staying comfortable indoors.

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