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IntelliGlass – High Performance Glass with Maximum Energy Efficiency

Vinylmax is a family-owned business with several generations of families working to construct modern
windows for modern families. Vinylmax has been manufacturing windows and doors since 1982.

Vinylmax has created IntelliGlass, which ensures maximum energy efficiency, a true measurement of
window quality. IntelliGlass is the heart of our VinylMax Windows.

How do different types of glass block the heat, or the cold weather?

Different types of glass can have varying degrees of effectiveness in blocking heat or cold weather in
your home. The ability of glass to block heat or cold is primarily influenced by its thermal conductivity
and insulating properties.

Some manufacturers charge more money for upgrades to their ‘super glass’. Vinylmax, one of our
preferred manufactures has created a glass, IntelliGlass, to block the hot, the cold, and the harmful UV
rays that come into our homes. IntelliGlass starts with an energy efficient foundation featuring the
ClimaGuard Low-E patented formula by Guardian. This formula is designed to keep homes cool in the
summer, and warm in the winter.

Here are some of the main features of IntelliGlass:

  • Optically clear float glass to provide distortion-free views
  • Climate Specific Low E coatings
  • Carefully Tuned coating layers provide thermal, solar and optical properties
  • Layers of silver that reflect heat are separated by adhesive barriers and performance enhancing layers
  • Scratch resistant topcoat protects the layers

How Does Low-E Glass Work?

The Basics

Low-e coatings keep the interior of your home cooler in the summer, and warmer in the winter by
allowing visible light to pass through the glass, while reflecting heat back to its source.

The Science

Low emissivity (low-e) glass manages radiation, including solar, light, ultraviolet, or heat via two
microscopic layers of silver. The silver reflects heat back to its source.

What about gas?

Argon is an inert gas that is denser than air, making it more difficult for heat or cold to transmit through
glass. Vinylmax uses sophisticated filling equipment and the Thermal Check verification system to
ensure maximum performance.

IntelliGlass by Vinylmax is the perfect insulator for your home in all seasons! It is important to note that
the type of glass used is just one factor in determining a window’s overall energy efficiency. The window
frame material, weatherstripping, and installation quality also play crucial roles in blocking heat or cold

Consulting with a professional window installer, like New Windows for America, can help you select the
most suitable glass and window system for your specific climate and energy efficiency needs. Ask the
team at New Windows for America about our glass packages and how you can save this summer on our
energy-efficient windows with our FACTORY-DIRECT PRICING on our windows and doors.


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