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Festive Ways to Decorate Your Front Door this Christmas

Decorating your front door for Christmas can bring festive cheer and create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Your front door may need some holiday cheer, whether it is time to replace your front door or consider upgrading your front door to serve as an updated look and style to your home. With the holiday season comes an increase in visitors and guests. A new front door can enhance the curb appeal of your home, creating a welcoming and festive atmosphere for those who visit during the holidays.

Whether it’s for aesthetics, functionality, or a combination of both, a new front door can be a valuable addition to your home during the holiday season.

Holiday Wreath:

Hang a Christmas wreath on your front door. You can choose from a variety of styles, such as traditional evergreen, a modern design, or even a DIY wreath made with ornaments, pinecones, or ribbon.

Christmas Garland:

Frame your front door with garland. You can use traditional evergreen garland or get creative with garlands made from lights, tinsel, or even popcorn and cranberries.

Twinkle Lights:

Wrap twinkling lights around your front door or along the doorframe. White lights create a classic look, while colored lights can add a playful touch.

Festive Holiday Door Mat:

Place a festive doormat at the entrance. Look for one with holiday greetings, snowflakes, or Christmas motifs.

Potted Plants:

Arrange potted plants or evergreen trees on either side of the door. You can add colorful poinsettias, miniature Christmas trees, or other seasonal plants.

Ribbons and Bows:

Tie ribbons and bows around your door handles or on the wreath. Choose colors that complement your overall decor theme.


Hang Christmas ornaments from the door or wreath. Shiny or glittery ornaments can add a touch of sparkle.


Hang stockings along the door or on a nearby railing. You can personalize them with names or choose stockings in festive patterns.


Decorate your door with snowflake decals or hang snowflake ornaments. They add a wintery touch to your Christmas decor.

Santa Claus or Reindeer Decor:

Include Santa Claus or reindeer-themed decorations near the door. This could be a Santa figurine, a reindeer sculpture, or even a cute sign.

Candles or Lanterns:

Place decorative (battery-operated) candles or lanterns on either side of the door for a warm and inviting glow.

Holiday Signs:

Hang a holiday-themed sign with a festive message or greeting. You can find or create signs with phrases like “Merry Christmas,” “Joy to the World,” or “Welcome, Friends!”

Remember to personalize your decorations to fit your style and preferences. Whether you prefer a classic, elegant look or a more whimsical and colorful approach, decorating your front door can set a joyful tone for the holiday season. Decorating your front door for Christmas can be a fun and festive way to welcome the holiday season. The team at New Windows for America is here to help whether you need replacement windows, a new front entry door, or new siding to get your home ready for the holidays!


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