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Top Ways to Get Your House Ready for the Holidays

With this week’s past snowstorm, it’s beginning to feel like the holidays are right around the corner. And the way time flies, you know they are quite literally just around the corner. Don’t get stressed out! Getting your house ready for the holidays can be a fun and rewarding process.

Here are some home improvement projects you can consider to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for the holiday season:

Exterior Decorations: Begin by sprucing up the exterior of your home. Clean the front yard, plant seasonal flowers, or add some potted plants, and consider hanging holiday-themed decorations like wreaths, lights, and ornaments.

Paint or Touch-Up: If your home’s exterior or interior walls are looking a bit tired, a fresh coat of paint can do wonders. Choose warm, inviting colors that suit the holiday season.

Lighting: Upgrade your lighting to create a cozy atmosphere. Consider adding dimmer switches, pendant lights, or table lamps in common areas. Outdoor lighting, like string lights or pathway lighting, can make your home more inviting.

Fireplace Renovation: If you have a fireplace, make sure it’s clean and functioning properly. You can also enhance it by adding a new mantle or updating the surrounding area with new tiles or a fresh coat of paint.

Kitchen Upgrades: The kitchen is often the heart of holiday gatherings. Consider minor upgrades like new cabinet hardware, a new backsplash, or a fresh coat of paint. Make sure all appliances are in good working order.

Bathroom Refresh: Update your bathroom with new fixtures, faucets, and a fresh coat of paint. Make sure everything is in good working condition, and don’t forget to add some holiday-themed hand towels and decorations.

Guest Bedroom: Prepare your guest bedrooms by replacing old bedding, adding extra pillows and blankets, and ensuring that the room is clean and inviting. Consider adding blackout curtains to help guests get a good night’s sleep.

Declutter: Before decorating for the holidays, declutter your home. This can make your space feel larger and more inviting. Donate or store items that you don’t need.

Flooring: If your floors are showing wear and tear, consider refinishing hardwood floors, replacing old carpeting, or adding new area rugs to give your home a fresh look.

HVAC Maintenance: Make sure the heating and cooling systems are in good working order to keep your home comfortable for guests. Change air filters, hire a qualified company to clean your air ducts, and have any necessary repairs done.

Garden and Landscaping: Ensure your outdoor space is inviting. Trim bushes, rake leaves, and add some potted plants or seasonal flowers to create a welcoming environment.

Deck or Patio Upgrades: If you have an outdoor deck or patio, make it holiday-ready by adding comfortable seating, a fire pit, or outdoor heaters for colder weather.

Front Door: Your front door is the first thing guests see. Consider contacting New Windows for America to help you with choosing a new front door, or add a festive wreath.

Upgrade Your Windows: It may be time to upgrade your old, drafty windows to new, more energy-efficient, and beautiful windows. Replacing your windows can increase the comfort of your home, and potentially reduce your heating and cooling costs. Be sure to plan, choose the right windows, and work with the professional team at New Windows for America to ensure a successful window installation.

Smart Home Upgrades: Invest in smart home technology to control lighting, heating, and security systems more conveniently.

Holiday Decorations: Finally, don’t forget to decorate your home for the holidays with ornaments, wreaths, lights, and other festive decorations that match your home’s style and theme.

Is Your House Ready for the Holidays?

Remember to plan your home improvement projects well in advance to ensure everything is ready in time for the holidays. This will help you create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for your family and guests to enjoy during this special time of year. Replacing your windows can also improve the comfort of your home by reducing drafts, noise, and the impact of temperature fluctuations. This can make your living space more pleasant and cozy, just in time for the colder months, and guests who might be visiting for the holidays!

If you are looking to replace your windows, invest in a new front door, or need to replace your siding, consider contacting New Windows for America. We can provide you with options based on your style and budget when it comes to window replacement, updating your front door, and siding installation.


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