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Back to School for your family and for your house!

Back to school is quickly approaching but summer is not quite over yet! There’s still plenty of time to get your home projects done before the season changes and get your home in back-to-school style!

As you get your kids ready for back to school, with all the school supplies, new backpacks, lunch boxes, reviewing schedules, and calming nerves, you may want to consider also getting your home ready! Upgrading your house for back-to-school season can also create a more conducive, organized, and relaxed environment for learning.

Back-to-school Checklist

Clean and Declutter:

Start by giving your home a thorough cleaning. Remove any unnecessary clutter and organize common areas.

School Supplies:

Stock up on essential school supplies such as notebooks, pens, pencils, highlighters, rulers, calculators, and any other items your children might need.

Designate a Study Area:

Set up a designated study area with a comfortable chair, desk, good lighting, and minimal distractions. This can help your children focus on their schoolwork.

Organize Storage:

Create storage solutions for school supplies. Consider using bins, shelves, or cubbies to keep everything neat and accessible.

Calendar and Planning:

Hang up a family calendar to keep track of important dates, assignments, and extracurricular activities.

Meal Prep and Planning:

Plan out meals and snacks to ensure your children have nutritious options during school hours. Consider prepping some meals in advance to save time during busy weekdays.

Morning Routine:

Establish a morning routine that includes getting up at a consistent time, having a healthy breakfast, and leaving enough time to get ready without rushing.

Homework Station:

Create a designated area for homework, equipped with necessary supplies. This can help your children focus on their assignments.

Technology Setup:

Ensure that computers, laptops, and other necessary technology are in good working condition. Set up any required software or online learning platforms.

Backpack Organization:

Designate a spot for backpacks, preferably near the entrance. Encourage your children to pack their bags the night before to avoid the hectic morning rush.

Upgrade Your Windows & Front Entry Door

Give your house a little back-to-school love and consider replacing your windows and front door! Upgrading your windows and front entry door can enhance your home’s energy efficiency, security, and overall curb appeal. These home upgrades can significantly improve your home’s comfort, security, and overall value.

If you need some help choosing the right windows and front entry door for your home, New Windows for America is there to help. We will review various options based on your budget, and the style of your home. Our local and knowledgeable sales team will provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate, and make sure to ask us about our FACTORY-DIRECT pricing!

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